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I don't understand the wording on my NARSUM...


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Hi guys,
I have been paying random attention to this site since I started my MEB here's the jist of what I have been going through...

15May11 Initaited P3 profile

June11 Started MEB

Fast-forward... Oct11 Final Narsum brief... Not told anything just told the VA found other things, the doc was a total (donkey about it)

23Dec11 My NARSUM finally gets written and sent up (thought they had 45 days to do that, took 3 months wth?)

6Jan12 MyMEB on AKO shows under PEBLO review...

24Jan12 I go to see my PEBLO wondering why it's taking her 3 weeks to review it... I get a "We don't have your packet... Whoever updated this, we don't know because they didn't initial the update..."

25Jan12 Phone call from my Tech... "Oh, we found your packet... another PEBLO had your packet and btw, it expired in the amount of time it was misplaced so you need to fill out these forms and have a new CDR's interview... Oh, and we can't send your narsum up to MEB review until you have the stuff to us..."

7Feb12 I go to turn in the final paper, the CDR's interview... "Oh, your packet was sent up to MEB review, we have been waiting on it for a few days too long, expect a call shortly.."

9Feb12 I get the call to review my narsum and get 15 minutes to read it over (25 pages)

10Feb12 I go to see the MEB lawyers... "Oh, you were one of those guys Madigan Hospital denied you PTSD, the reason your packet took so long was because of that review... Basically the MEB docs overruled the Psych Dept. from an Adjustment Disorder and gave you PTSD..."
They then advised me that I really don't need to appeal the fact that the wording is also a failing claim seperate from my current claim, because they could overturn my PTSD claim and give back the adjustment disorder?
Also said that I'll get 20-40% from Army and 70-90% from VA...

Ok now the bread and butter of my failing claim...
Any one out there that can understand the wording and translate for me:
Bilateral Foot pain secondary to bilateral accessory tarsal navicular bones; fails AR 40-501, Chapter 3-14f(2)
I can not find anything in the VA ratings or anything on the net that has anything close to describing it...
But, as a description for you from me: My Navicular Accessory bone in both feet is about 200% bigger than what it is supposed to be (the bone that your tendons attach to ankle to give your feet the arch?) causing me to have constant stress fractures, stress movements, actual breaks and fractures in my feet, ankles, shins and knees (kness only stress movements thank god!) I have a constant visible limp, and if I stand too long I have to rotate my feet and ankles, lifting anything over 50 pounds is pushing pain limits... Also at this point I don't think I can pass a walking APFT event ever again...