I see the light


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Just got the call i have been waiting for. I go in at 1300 to sign my findings.
June/July 17- meb referred
Sept- met peblo
Nov- C&P exams
Dec 18, 2017, narsum and package submitted to PEB
Jan/Feb 18 VA finished rating
Mar 13, 2018 peblo recieved finding. Signing today at 1300.


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what does it mean when they deem a disability permanent? is there something "extra" that gets done for that? glad things seemed to have gone the way you hoped. :)


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Yea went as I expected. 40% did TDRL and 90%VA. Paperwork also stated my disability may be permanent. I agreed and signed. She is sending it back.
Indeed, congratulations on the recent receipt and acceptance of your IPEB findings! :D Take care! :cool:

Thus, I quite often comment that "possessing well-informed knowledge is truly a powerful equalizer!"

Best Wishes!
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