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Hello all,
I am glad to post an update that I finally heard from my PEBLO. Within a month I was able to file my VA claim. I think this is normal for the timeline though. However i'm a little worried about my referring condition for DOD. I do want to aim for the 30% because i still need to get surgery. One related to my referred condition and the other on a broken bone. I can't get either during the MEB process since they put me out on convo. leave. The insurance would make things a hell of a lot easier if knew once i was done with this whole thing that the surgeries would be paid fully for.My referring condition is spondylosis with radiculopathy in the lumbar region. Prior to this diagnosis I was diagnosed with DDD and sciatica before my surgery. I am worried that the referring condition doesnt address how severe the pain is in my leg and the severity of its effects on me. Even though the MRI shows that the root cause of my problem is my back/spine, I feel everything in my leg. How can i make sure this is addressed during the MEB? my PEBLO said we cannot add anything. any help or advice is greatly appreciate. if there is anyone who went through the MEB with this referring condition please let me know. thank you
Additional info:

For the VA claim I did claim DDD, sciatica, amongst other things


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Lots of stuff to cover in this. First, you can have surgery during the IDES process, but it can't be "elective". It must be deemed necessary to happen without delay by a medical doctor. AFI 36-3212 para 1.5 talks about this topic. This surgery has the potential to change your disability disposition so the PEBLO "should" push it up to be approved.

Second, as far as the 30%, spine stuff is rated primarily on mobility. Pain of course is factored in, but check out this website to see some good info on what you might get based on your symptoms.

Everything you are feeling now should be documented on your NARSUM. If it is not, you should ask to have a correction filed. Your NARSUM should adequately describe your condition as well as any related symptoms to your unfitting condition. When you have your VA C&P exams, you should obviously make sure you bring up any pain and symptoms to them. Any information you give them should make it to your MEB and PEB.

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