IDES timeline after VA ratings sent back to PEB


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Okay so from what I'm tracking, After the VA decides your disability rating they send it back to the PEB who then decides on your DOD rating based off of the VA rating. My VA rating was decided upon on October 6th. They notified me that my proposed VA rating was mailed out. The VA send their decision to the PEB via an electronic system correct?

Does the PEB's final rating process takes 30-45 days or should I expect a longer time frame? Will my PEBLO call me with the final decision or will the JAX contact me? Will I begin the separations process after the PEB finalizes their percentage?


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I was notified from my peblo about my iPEB ratings this past Friday. VA decided my ratings and sent them to the PEB on 5 Sept, so just over a month was my experience.
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