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*Important* For New Members


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First off, hello and welcome to PEBFORUM. It's always exciting to see new faces around here. :)

Some people may be entirely new to internet forums, especially when it comes to creating your own thread with any information you want to share or questions you have to ask. We encourage members to create their own threads instead of piggybacking onto threads that have already been started, even if the questions are similar. This prevents your questions from getting accidentally lost or overlooked.

Here is a how-to for creating your own threads, but I'll also include the information from that link in here as well.


Internet forums are made up of threads and replies, both often simply referred to as posts, from members of the forum. Creating a thread, or posting a reply to an already existing thread, is easy to do.

Here’s how it’s done:


>>Click on any section that you wish to create a thread in, like Intro, Medical Evaluation Board, or Social and Off Topic.

>>At the top of the already existing threads is the New Thread icon. Click it.

>>In the Post New Thread box, there is the Prefix drop-down field, the Title field, and the large blank field to enter the body of your thread in.

The Prefix field allows you to select your branch of service, or what type of question you want to ask, or to let others know of important information. This information will appear in front of the thread title to let others know a few different things. For example, if you chose to select your branch of service, it will let others know what rules and regulations are relevant to you.

The Title field is the introduction to your thread. You can put anything you want here. For example, in the Intro section, you could title your thread “Hi, My Name Is Mike Honcho.” Or in the Conditions and Ratings section, you could use “Help, Strange Magnetic Superpowers.”

The body of your thread is set up to be functionally similar to Microsoft Office or other comparable programs.

>>Below the Post New Thread box, the Additional Options box allows you to
customize how you want to view your thread, or inform you via e-mail if someone has made a reply to your post.

One option that you can selection is to create a poll to go along with your thread. This acts as a survey, and once you click Submit New Thread, you will be taken to a window where you can customize the options for your survey.

>>When you can add tags to your thread to help you or others find it again easier in the future using the search function at the top of the forum page. Tags are key words you can use to remember what your thread is about.

>>Once you are finished with your thread, you can either click Preview Post to see how it will look once posted, or click Submit New Thread.


>>There are several ways you can post a reply to a thread.

At the bottom of the original thread or any of the replies already given are a series of icons, labeled Quote, Multi-Quote (looks like a page with quotation marks over it) and Quick Reply (looks like a page with a writing quill over it). Below the last post is the icon Post Reply.

Quoting a thread will mean that thread will be posted again in your reply to let others know what you are specifically responding to.

Multi-Quotes allow you to quote from several posts, letting you reply to multiple questions or comments. Click on all the Multi-Quote icons for the posts you want to comment on and then click Quote on the last thread you want to quote to take you to allow you to reply.

Quick Reply allows you to reply to a thread without quoting from the other posts. This is usually how everyone will reply to a thread.

Post Reply takes you to the advanced reply screen that includes the smiley faces and editing options. This is also the most common way that people respond to a thread.

>>Once you are finished, you can click Preview Post to see how others will view your reply, or click Post Reply to have it added to the thread.


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Also a friendly reminder for all the new people, that you do not need to (cross) post the same question, in multiple forum threads.