IMR Advice Needed


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Thanks in advance for any help and guidance.

I am set to meet with my PEBLO today at 1130 CST. I have already had my NARSUM read to me. I have an option to make an election to file for an IMR.

My only unfitting condition, which is the condition I was referred for, is severe plantar fasciitis. To give you some perspective, I can hardly stand in formation for more than 5 minutes without being in a lot of pain. I have extensive medical documentation to include a surgery.

Now, when I went through with my QTC Medical Services (VA appointments), the podiatrist there diagnosed me with a moderate flat feet condition.

My question to y'all is, should I file an IMR for the flat feet condition to be added under the does not meet retention standards alongside the plantar fasciitis? When I was examined at MEPS, they said I had no signs of flat feet, but I was told it is possible to develop a flat feet condition through service connection.

Thank you again for your time.


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Considering adding Acquired Adult Flatfoot Deformity sounds prudent.
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