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In MEB limbo - need help


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I have been in the reserves for about eight years. Hurt my back after a year in, during AIT, and then hurt it again a year later, getting ready for a PT test. After almost two years of on-and-off physical therapy and taking temporary profiles, I bit the bullet and put in for a permanent profile. Paperwork went up to division headquarters and sat on an O-5's desk for more than a year. O-5 then said that the paperwork had to be submitted from scratch. So I did, and finally got a permanent profile in 2010. The "Needs MEB" box was checked. I asked my unit, "This means I need an MEB, right? What happens now?"

They blew me off and said I didn't need an MEB. And that's where my problems began.

I left that reserve unit in 2010, moved across the country for work, and joined a new unit. I asked about the MEB process again. Nobody told me what needed to be done.

This spring I got an email from the unit that oversee MEBs in the region where my old unit is located, saying that I never submitted paperwork for an MEB. That was the first time anyone had ever contacted me about an MEB - and it was an email saying that I was at fault for turning in paperwork, when I'd already moved across the country a year earlier. I made a phone call immediately and got some E-7 on the phone who dealt with MEBs. I told him I had moved and that an MEB needed to be initiated where I now live. Again, nothing happened.

Most recently I gave my paperwork to the NCOIC of my new unit; he promised to initiate the MEB process but nothing has happened. (I don't trust him one bit to begin with). I'm tired of this bs. Is there a way for me to arrange an MEB for myself?

I have a P3 profile for my lower back. I can't run the PT test, but I can run a little at my own pace; I can't do situps; I can't ruck march more than 1/4 mile. I am physically capable of running and doing a couple dozen situps, but afterwards I'm in a lot of pain.

I am afraid that I'm going to be kicked out of the reserves. And because I've had a life-threatening illness (not related to my back injury), I can't get any kind of health insurance on the civilian market. Without Tricare, I am screwed.

I keep telling myself that I should have been more proactive when my old unit first blew me off. I've read the regulations but I have no idea how to contact the people who would set up an MEB. And I'm worried that this two-year limbo is going to make me look as if I'm in the wrong, which in turn will influence the board's decision. I need to get this problem solved NOW. Any advice would be appreciated.