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I was placed on TDRL almost 2 years ago now. Just two days ago I finally received my letter to go for my reeval physical. I am kind of lost in the whole process.

I've just recently learned that if I am found fit for duty that I have the decision to reenlist or take the severance package. What I am confused about is that if I am found fit for duty I could lose all my va benefits, is that true? And additional to that if I decide to reenlist I would have to go through meps processing again and with the reenlistment code I was given I would need a waiver to reenlist any ways from comnav of recruiting. I do not know what to do. I need some clarification on all this. I was put on TDRL due to PTSD, what the peb would assume is a temporary condition. And additional to that I claimed what ever else I could because I thought that was it for my military career. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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