incap pay if i already receive va pay?


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Hi All,

I just read on this forum about incap pay. I am former active duty with a VA rating of 100% (40%f for my back...but i think my back has gotten worse since i received that rating) and now working towards a MEB out of the reserves. My back injury has gotten worse and I have been on disability from my civilian job (getting disability pay, but that is about to run out soon.) I also have been having a really hard time because while they are preparing LODs to get my MEB started, they are still requiring me to come in to drill which is very hard for me. I have a 60 mile drive, each way and i have to do it 2-4 times every time i drill. the time in the car driving is killer on my back. Do i qualify for inca pay since i am out from my civilian job?


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Department of Defense
NUMBER 1241.01 April 19, 2016
SUBJECT: References:
Reserve Component (RC) Line of Duty Determination for Medical and Dental Treatments and Incapacitation Pay Entitlements

“4. RECEIPT OF BOTH INCAPACITATION PAY AND U.S. DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS BENEFITS. Service members may receive both incapacitation pay and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits. Since VA benefits are not taxable, they do not meet the definition of earned income. Incapacitation pay will not be offset by VA benefits received.”

Reference Link <——

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