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form7574 page 2 block 25 states Not fit for duty, Not is , or maybe fit . 7574 page 3 states self explanatory for block 25. The Cmdr and l sign this form monthly, and never received Tier1. My back has been determined, not fit for retention per MEB, now at PEB, but my INCAP/ LOD SEC, said l am Tier 2, not Tier 1

I asked in numerous conversations, how is it determined, they always say they determined it. My Incap Sgt never stated he could advocate in the past. l mentioned the numbness in my legs and feet, and burning feeling in my right buttock again 2 weeks ago. A couple day later he mentioned he might be onto something, he saw a Greys anatomy episode, and may have a better way to advocate my case. I know that a Soldiers wellbeing shouldn't be based off of Greys anatomy. As stated earlier Meb has me rated NOT FIT FOR RETENTION, I'm still on Incap, any guidance is greatly appreciated.