Info for those with TMJD or TMD (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction)


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Hi to everyone!

I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong forum.

I decided to do this thread due to not finding anyone or at least me not finding anything for TMJ cases for MEB/PEB around the site.
I know how it feels to stress and rev up the anxiety in doing the whole process and the long waiting for that decision.
Diagnosed a while ago with TMJ, short version of the story, after doing therapy, meds and other stuff Dr decided to put me on class 3 and start
the package for MEB. After waiting I was told that my case was pushed to DAWG, then IDES, did the VA C&P, went up to IPEB and waited for the results which was predicted to take 4 more months.
after waiting 2 months I got the final decision which was Unfit for Duty. Now waiting for the final date so I can start out-processing before the date and have everything settled.
If you are going through anything similar feel free to message me with any questions and Ill try my best to help.

Thank you!


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THanks for sharing your story, so othersmay benefit.
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