Info on EAS date and extension


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Hello everyone,
I am hoping I could gain some clear insight on my situation. I have passed my original EAS date and it has been 999999 out for many months now since I have been on the medical board. The 1Sgt at my unit is trying to get me I need to sign a 6 month extension to have a new EAS established per a new MCO but was never shown proof that this is true. I have not received any results back from the PEB yet but have been told it will be any day now for the past two months.

If this MCO is true does it only apply to the Marines that are going to be in a situation where they will go past EAS and instead of getting 9999 out they have to voluntarily extend?
Or all marines that are 99999out have to now extend ?

Something seems off to me about signing an extension.

Would the 1Sgt know if I getting a “fit” determination from the board and he is trying to be me to stay longer ?

I would greatly appreciate some guidance.
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