Injury at drill (10 years ago), reopening claim


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Hello all, a newbie here,

I was injured at a home drill almost 10 years ago and I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to fight it.

Back in 2009, I was cut on the top of my wrist vertically which caused two tendons to be cut and I was no longer able to use my middle an ring finger on my dominant hand. I was rushed off base to the ER and was stitched up. I eventually had to have surgery to reattach the tendons and lots of physical therapy. I’m still not 100% and don’t have full range motion of my wrist which is why I’m trying to get it service connected. I still have a pretty good scar from the accident and the surgery.

I filed back in 2013 and was denied basically because I wasn’t on active duty at the time. I understand I have to have Line of Duty paperwork so I have requested my medical records, OMPF and my C-file. I have a feeling all the paperwork I need isn’t going to be there.

The only thing I have from my online OMPF request was in the Admin Remarks that I waived my Notice of Eligibility benefits. I was young and stupid and wanted to come back to drill. It does state that the waiver does not affect my right to file a claim with the VA though.
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I have three questions for you guys:

Are buddy statements enough (Plt. Sgt,, Corpsman, etc)?

Besides the ER visit, surgery and PT records, would it be necessary to have a current DBQ?

I filled for my wrist initially. Should I add my fingers as a secondary condition and/or scar?

Thank you in advance for any advice.


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Reference: DBQs

DBQs have facilitated several of my most recent claims. However and surprisingly, the VA still scheduled C&P exams. The last exam was brief as I brought a copy of my submitted DBQ and the physician used it to complete the info he was reporting to the VA.

LINK to DBQ info <---

Good luck,
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