Interesting case


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One for the history books.

My father was medically discharged in 1974 from the USMC. His DD214 has a 20 percent rating, of which he still has a copy of.

The VA in 1978 said they did not agree with the findings of the PEB and did not honor the rating. (I have no idea how or why, but they did). So dad just drove on with his life and never really thought much of it.

Fast forward to almost two years ago. I am helping him move into his house he bought. I see his DD214. We have a laugh, small talk about his time in the Corps. Then I start reading it..... I was absolutely flabbergasted. He told me he brought it up to some VA counselor in the 1980s and they just told him he would "have to sue the Marines" which is of course ridiculous.

I got him in contact with a lawyer, and now the case is on the docket in Washington. To my shock every regional VA and upwards denied the claim, even with the DD214 stating his medical separation in writing.

I am really hoping my dad, who honorably served gets his fair shake, even if its 40 years in the making.

Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?


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Yes, occasionally on the news I will hear a report of an old injustice righted. Best wishes in your pursuit. Mike
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