IRILO Cancelled


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I have had severe bilateral plantar fasciitis for about 6 years now and had surgery on both feet about 3 years ago. I have gone through all treatment options and has gotten worse since surgery, where I cant walk long without sitting down, stand for long period and can't do a cardio potion of test since surgery. I have been pushing for an MEB for about the last 2 years and keep on getting told that I dont need an MEB.

Fast forward to today and I have been approved to separate volunatarily in about 6 months. Well I have now received a notice that I will be IRILO and assigned a PEBLO. I told the PEBLO I have approved separation in a couple of months and I have started a BDD claim with the VA. They the went to the DAWG to say I am getting out anyway and said I no longer need an IRILO and told me to continue separation. Can they do this? The fact I am separating does not change my medical issues and I do not understand how I cant be given the chance to go through the process.
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