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IRILO Notification


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Is there any official documents processed before starting the IRILO process? Does the service member get notified via email or have to sign anything? I believe I am in the IRILO phase right now but haven’t signed anything or been officially notified. My case has been reviewed by the DAWG a few times now and I got a call from the clinic asking me for some off base med records so it seems like something is happening behind the scenes. Just wondering if there is any formal stuff That signals your entry into the IRILO phase.


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The first "I" in IRILO stands for informal. Each installation has a DAWG that reviews certain diagnoses and/or profiles. The DAWG than decides if more oversight is needed in terms of an MEB. This process happens internal to the Medical Treatment Facility. If the IRILO results in Return to Duty, the member may not even be aware of the process.