Japan Seeking MEB/PEB for mental health


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ok, so google searching will only tell me so much. Figure if I need to hear from others' experiences I should find a good platform to ask.

Now so active duty SGT for nearly eight years deployed twice. Hit some nice overseas time with friendly stations like Germany and Japan.

For the past couple years I have had episodes of depression and anxiety. For a long time I simply tried to cover it and convince myself I was fine. Finally was asked by my wife to see Behavioral Health and so I mentioned anxiety.

Once to the new station I was able to open up about depression. When that feeling hits me I will admit I get urges. I have realized these urges are impusles to rage quit, and many did have fantasies of various self harm. Never acted on this luckily, but between this and irribility that springs up I feel as if I have been pushed to my limits and if it only pushed a little harder something may happen.

Of course the current Therapist only heard this once and I was subject to a 3 month profile. During this I became detail/task mule. Not out of punishment, but since i was stuck in the office and couldn't do like 70% of my job I was around to be picked. This did not help, and so I have not told my current therapist about it anymore.

Now here I am after having my first kid, and while on paternity leave I have come to the conclusion. I am not ok, there is something more here.

So about to start seeing a new doctor, and I want to start this off honest. My honest opinion is that I should undergo MEB/PEB. I realize this may not just be depression but a mood disorder as it occurs in cycles. It is those positive times that I grow naive. I spin this tale that I am over reacting, its not that bad. Got it don't self diagnose, but shit is evident. Hell missed my ALC date due to hitting a low point and literally freaking out over a basic BS class back stateside.

This is not the only time this has happened, and so it is evident that it is messing with my ability to function properly. Personally what pisses me off the most this is senior leaders trying to tell me when I am low "Hey don't know show that around soldiers. You're an NCO set the example."

Anywho sorry getting abit ranty as I try to let some stuff of the chest, however my questions are as such:

Am I correct in my assesment that I should ask for MEB?
If so what can I expect?
How long does this process usual take?

Thank you.


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Asking for an MEB may result in you being labeled a malingerer. The Army over uses that diagnosis, so be careful.

Until you are completely honest with your MH provider, about everything going on, you will not get the proper diagnosis or the proper treatment. An MEB may be in your future, but first you have to get treatment based on a correct diagnosis. The ball is in your court!
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