Jason--I need your help!


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I just got my results package. Navy recommended Unfit at 0% and the VA rated me at 20%, 10 for carpal tunnel and 10 for a two year old heart attack. My primary issue, hypercoaguable state requiring lifelong anticoagulation therapy resulting from Pulmonary embolism, was rated by the VA at 0%.

The VASRD specifically states:
6817 Pulmonary Vascular Disease:

Chronic pulmonary thromboembolism requiring anticoagulant therapy,
or; following inferior vena cava surgery without evidence of
pulmonary hypertension or right ventricular dysfunction 60

Symptomatic, following resolution of acute pulmonary embolism 30

Asymptomatic, following resolution of pulmonary thromboembolism 0

My VA evidence statement states that PE is managed with anticoagulants with no recurrence since. ...You are currently asymptomatic. My issue is that I am asymptomatic BECAUSE of the anticoagulant therapy, which would put me at 60%. Does this give me grounds to file a PFR? I would see this as mis-application of the law. I only have until the 23rd of Sep to decide what to do. Also, Jason would you consider taking on my case?
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