Just approved crsc by hrc


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I was just approved crcs by hrc on 19Dec2019 and was wondering if someone wouldn't mind helping me get an idea of what I might be looking at.
So on the paperwork it says Total Combined Percentage 70% JAN14
Last three 1678, 1652,1652
DoD %: 70%
5yrs 11mnths Active Duty
VA 90% P&T paid at 100% for IU, 4206.90,
dependents: wife, daughter age 17, daughter age 16, son age 13, daughter age 9, son age 5, daughter age 3
70% crsc approval
I believe that's it. Thank You for any help, my Family and I truly appreciate it.


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Based on the computation done a few weeks ago, your CRSC should be around 354.

Please keep in mind that the estimate is only as good as the info provided.


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