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Just got Removed from TDRL and w/ Separated Severance Help!!!


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First off, do you have a PoA like AmVets, VFW, American Legion? If not, please get one.
Second, contact a lawyer, for example:

AND contact your US Senators office:

Like, like right now. Take all your paperwork and go to the first one you feel comfortable with. Tell them it's a veteran issues right off the bat and that you need IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE.


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*UPDATE* Well my PFR appeal ruling came back from the CORB...and it was denied. I am now set to be medically separated w/ severance. I am completely astounded at this decision since I had a vast amount of evidence supporting my case. The explanation for the denial was because I have a full time job and have maintained a long term relationship with my wife and children I "at best" only rate 10%. So I feel as thought I am being stripped of all my benefits, including my medical treatment, because I did what I had to do in order to keep my family together and provide for them and not just play the victim roll. So because I was a responsible and productive member of society, and found a place to work that was understanding and made concessions for me, I am being chewed-up and spit out by the DoD and the Corps. I looked into retaining a civilian lawyer but I just can not afford the 15,000 to 20,000 dollars that it would take to hire one. Please, I am begging for myself and my family, if anyone has any information or resources that could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Things that I have done:
- Kept and maintained all treatment records showing continued treatment.
- Sworn statements from applicable people.
- Past OIC (Platoon Commander)
- Buddy statement
- Wife
- Father
- 3rd party medical expert re-evaluation.
- Personal testimony to the formal board (recorded and on the record).
- Personal written statement.
- Civilian Lawyer consult (multiple).
- Military record establishing time lines and combat deployments.
- Been in contact with my Congressional Representatives military affairs liaison.
- I have sent Mr. Perry a private message (but have not received any reply so far).
- Reached out to the Wounded Warrior Battalion for assistance.
- Did not get much assistance from their suggested resources
- Reached out to the local DAV office.
- No response as of yet