Just informed i will go to MEB, now what?


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Today my PCM started the MEB paperwork, I filled out some paperwork with the Navy HM1 and he sent me a Non Medical Assessment(NMA) in an email that is to be routed up to my CO. i know i will be assigned a PEBLO and then get scheduled for C&P exams but i have some questions if anyone can help.

My MEB is being started for nerve damage from chemo from abdominal cancer. but i am also seeing a psychologist for anxiety, sleep issues, some depression... will this be looked into for my MEB or do i need my psychologist to route the same form?

In regards to timeframe,

When should i be called about meeting with my PEBLO?
What do I need to do to make sure everything is handled in the C&P exams and that i get the proper ones?
Any tips in general?

Thank you
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