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Just referred to DAWG


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I’ve had a bunch of back issues Degenerative disc disease, arthritis, stenosis, nerve root compression, and a cyst in my back along with some herniated disc with a tear and spondylosis Just got put back on a profile code 31. How long will it take to flip to 37. I’m new to this whole process so I’m freaking out about what will happen. How things get rated. I’ve complain about hip pain, shin splints, ringing in my ears and anxiety so all of that has been noted. What is the process like ? Anyone have any advice. All of my symptoms limit me from daily activity. I can’t do simple house chores with out being to walk at the end of the day. I’m not a surgery candidate but I’ve done physical therapy for months and multiple times with no relief along with a failed epidural steroid injection and an RFA that only provided pain relief for 2 months. So I’m in between options but I know that I have limitations on what physical activity I can do with pretty much leaves me non deployable. Any input is appreciated.


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I don’t think they turn on the Code 37 until they decide to process you for an MEB. I am on my third code 31 now for the same isssue. Just waiting for the DAWG to decide my case I guess.