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Knee Injury during active duty


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My husband is in the Army Reserves, but has been mobilized since 2008. In April he injured his knee while shooting hoops prior to PT one day. This injury tore his ACL and Meniscus requiring surgery. Because of this surgery he had a DVT form went on Warfarin for a few months then the doctor took him off of it. A few weeks later he had a new DVT and was told he would have to take warfarin the rest of his life. He wants to retire from the Army but has 5 or 6 years left before his 20 years are up. He did 10 years enlisted from 82-92 then went back in the reserves in 2007, in 2008 he was activated to train deploying troops at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin and was told he could keep himself Mobilized until it was time to retire, so he quit his job of over 16 years, and now they are no longer doing this training at Fort McCoy and was not allowed to extend and was promoted out of the unit as of June 2011. But since the injury has been with a warrior transition unit out of Rock Island Illinois. Can he be thrown out of the military because of having to take warfarin to prevent further clots? Can they retire him early? Can they leave him stuck with no job, no medical insurance to pay for follow up on the injury and medications he has to take? They are talking about doing a medical review board. What will happen or what do we need to do to make sure he can retire as planned?