Lifting Restrictions


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Following months of diagnoses, for PVCs and a bicuspid aortic valve, it was determined that I don't need surgery in the near future, but likely will sometime down the road. I have been prescribed beta blockers, as well as given a permanent profile for not being able to lift more than 40 pounds. My PCM did not think this would lead to an MEB; however, it was my understanding that any 365 profile was an automatic MEB. Independent of deploying, I am in an aircraft maintenance career field (weapons), and regularly have to lift items well of 40 pounds. I wanted to see if anyone hand any insight as to what a permanent profile would mean, in concerns to retainabilty. Currently, I have to watch others on my shift do all the heavy lifting, while I carry small items and do paperwork. I see that as being acceptable for now, but not in the long term. I have also been in for just under 9 years, and still have a good amount of time left, until I am close to retirement.

Thanks in advance!
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