Limited Assignment Status


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Does anybody have a current approval rate for Limited Assignment Status applicant's? I ask even though haven't received my SAFPC appeal verdict yet, and not expected to receive it until Sep-Dec. I appealed to the SAFPC to be returned to duty. I'm a helicopter flight engineer that had a spinal fusion, and have been disqualified from aviation service, and now I work as a Detachment Superintendent. During my appeal I received favorable letters of recommendation from 2 Colonels and 5 Lt Colonels and 1 Chief, all in my chain of command from MAJCOM down to the Squadron level. My attorney says that if I don't get an RTD from the SAFPC, we will file for Limited Assignment Status in order to try and get to the 20 yr point. I'll have 19 years completed by the time we would file for LAS?

Thank you


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Hey did you ever receive a response from SAFPC? My wife sent her appeal up in May and just wanted to get a feel about how long this may take. Thank you.
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