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LOD Determinations AFRC orders under 30 Days


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I started with symptoms of what could be Guillain Barre Syndrome will in support of contingencies on a 26 day order. AFI 36-2910 for reserves states: “ ARC members with conditions that became unfitting while ordered to active duty of 30 days or less, or while on ADT or IDT. The standard of evidentiary proof used in making EPTS-NSA determinations is preponderance of evidence.” When I returned home I immediately went to my primary care doctor. He diagnosed me with and Viral Infection, Epstein Barr and Bells Palsy. My orders were extended because of these illnesses. Symptoms worsened and current order was more than 30 days and that's when I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome. AFRC has denied my LOD because original orders were under 30 days and evidence could not prove it was Military connected. However, when I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre I was on current order over 30 days so to me, that should mean no evidence needed and the LOD inquiry should have nothing to do with the order under 30 days. Could anybody please help in this matter??

Josh C

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Getting an accurate LOD is really challenging. You have to build a case for yourself and is your can get an Independent medical exam or a letter from your doctor explaining why your condition is served connected. Some genetic conditions are really hard