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Funny, usually as a commander, others come to me for advice, but here we go.
Dual Status Guard Technician with 28 years of military service (Army/Air), 16 years federal civilian service, 7 years TAFMS (4200-ish points) already rated at 100% VA total and permanent since 2015 with over 16 different disability ratings for all kinds of stuff (vertigo, migraines, PTSD, back, neck, HBP, sleep apnea, shoulders, elbows, achilles, etc.) Some things have been getting worse as of late, but still doing better than most, to which I am grateful.

My issues, because normally I had been a high-performer and college athlete, and would mask all my medical issues and wrap it up, ice it, work around things and push through because I wanted to keep serving, lead from the front, and not get the axe over a medical issues and lose my federal job since it is tied to my military guard position. Well, after a few minor surgeries in October 2020, I came back to work on the mend and unfortunately I was physically threatened by a subordinate officer with bodily harm over an organizational decision (which is now being handled through disciplinary actions). However, that sadly was the smallest of straws that seemingly broke the camels back. I have been though so many real things and worse scenarios overseas in my career, so this blind sided me as a nothing burger. I had so much resilience you could measure it with a dump truck. I always bounced back after surgeries and medical issues ready to fight, to show airmen you can overcome anything, but this really set off some serious past PTSD issues once the adrenaline wore off after the dramatic week of events that have caused me to tail spin and eventually seek out on-base and off base mental health medical help, to the point now that I am on psych-medications trying to figure out what will un-freeze the self-defense mechanisms and the PTSDs going on, as well as get well. Its been about 4 months now, and my body has been decimated due to the mental toll, I have lost over 30 pounds, had to get treated for ulcers, cant focus, I call-in more often, I am avoiding meetings, and have been disengaging a lot and feel that my work is suffering, my BP is spiking, I am having worse insomnia now (already rated for insomnia and on sleep meds), not to mention wreaking havoc on my home life …all this to say, since the Wing "likes" me and has become accustomed to me just getting things done, they don't even see this has destroyed me. They only see the high level of performance and they have big "plans" for me, but I also feel like they are not taking in consideration the other 15 surgeries I have had and the cumulative effect of each of the disabilities and problems that I am having when determining my overall fitness for service. I don't think they know the whole story and who is supposed to tell it, who reads it, and how do I tell it if my 4 folders at eh MDG are not already enough?

I was recently told that they are submitting another waiver for my migraine injection medications, sleep medication, and insomnia...but the Docs says it really isnt bad enough on its own to warrant a Medical Discharge or retirement and stated that he cant add any of the other things on there from any other issues.

Where I am look for advice is this: Let say I woke up and I am not feeling well and call in sick to work. **Imaginary scenario...Maybe I had a headache, upset stomach, back was hurting, was aching all over, and had a fever (not Covid). Well the entirety of all the symptoms would make me unfit for service that day. I wouldn't call in to work just for the headache, it would be all of it combined. Not just the headache.

In my real life scenario, it seems that the AF is never considering the cumulative impact that all these things I have going on with me and they are only looking at one symptom at a time, one surgery, one rating, one medical condition at a time, and not seeing that my migraines and vertigo are related to my insomnia, and my insomnia is related to my sleep apnea and my high blood-pressure is tied to my sleep apnea, as such, my neck fusion is also tied to my lower back discs degenerating, and that my multiple shoulder shoulder surgeries are tied to my elbow injuries, etc.. on and on and that all the physical pain, the 5% limitation here, added to the 15% inability to do this over there, connected to the 10% pain in the thing here, and other conditions add to the PTSD issues now and the overall mental stress of trying to stay fit to pass a fitness test to stay in the military and run a command.

Any advice besides continuing to see my counselors? I am a frustrated that I am overlooking how to get the MDG or MEB or IDES or I dont even know who to take a Airman as a whole medical snapshot of my entire situation. If I, even my civilian doctors, are bewildered that they continue to say that I am fit for duty, when they look at a holistic approach to say that everything rolled together, makes more sense that I did your part, but it is time to go to the woodshed and call it a day. How am I not retired they say? I feel that I am doing more damage to myself by trying to stay in and meet these requirements...and the system is forcing me to retire on my own accord or quit, instead of providing me the assessment and appropriate medical advice I need to hear.

Should I get my civilian doctor(s) to write a cumulative evaluation against a fitness for duty type letter? Same for my Psychotherapist? It appears that I am not doing myself any help by continuing to do good work, but I am not the type to purposely fail a PT test or throw myself down some steps, but if I had to extract myself from the situation and look at my situation, as a commander myself, I would not deem me holistically, as fit for duty. I am in a deploy in place AFSC position so that doesnt help. I am not world-wide deployable for a while now, but they dont seem to care due to my years in service and rank/position.

I am sort of lost at the approach here.


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I am really sorry that you never got a response on this. I was searching the forum for technician retirement scenarios and found this. Where are you at in this journey?