M-Day Retirement Calculations under 36 months AD


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Thanks in advance to anyone who reads/replies to this thread. It's much appreciated.

I'm a reserve component O-3 in the IDES process trying to figure out my retirement pay calculation. I only have 2 years of AD from two deployments and 10 total years of service. I've been M-Day ever since and a Mil Tech for 4 years. I have 90% combined VA rating: (70% PTSD, 30% asthma, 20% IVDS low-back, 20% R-Leg, 20% L-Leg). All of my injuries are combat injuries from my deployments in 2012 and 2014.

As for retirement- I know exactly what $ to expect from the Mil Tech side. They showed me my 60/40 retirement projection and said as soon as I get my military discharge paperwork it would take about 6 months of LWOP and/or working in civilian clothes until I get my first paycheck.

I know exactly what $ to expect from the VA as I'm already receiving 90%.

As for the military retirement, I was using the monthly pay of an O-3 with 10 YOS as the bench mark for my retired base pay. (see equation below) Then I read somewhere that reservists retired base pay is only what you made on Active Duty! Active Duty? Does that mean my retired pay as a CPT will be based off what my monthly salary was as a 1st Lieutenant 6 years ago when I was deployed?

I understand that the basic retirement formula for M-Day Army National Guard is:

"YOS x 2 ½ % x retired base pay OR

% of disability (not to exceed 75%) x retired pay base

The retired pay base is the average of the highest 36 months of basic pay earned for those Soldiers who entered service on or after September 8, 1980"

Thank you


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A 10 year captain, its one of the few ANG/AFRC things they got right. I was AD for 12 years and ANG (ART) for 5.5, I got LtCol at 17.5 years. Gotta be over 30% DoD to get retirement though.

My FedTech retirement is still undergoing the process.


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Your retired pay base will be calculated from Active Duty Pay for the years that you have served (as if you were active duty). Your retired pay base years will come from your RPAS sheet divided by 360. Most likely it will be the average of the last three years pay or approximately this:

2016 O3 8 years $5818.80
2015 O3 6 years $5469.60
2014 O3 6 years $5415.30
Average $5567.90

Your medical retirement should be at least 50% of the $5567.90 if you are TDRL.

I am going to go out on a limb and think that your PTSD is an unfitting condition, if that is the case than you should see $3897.00 as your medical retirement.

Current law prohibits paying medical retirement and VA C&P, therefore your VA C&P award will be offset by your DoD medical retirement. Since your medical retirement is combat related, it will be tax free.

$3897.00 is greater than the approximate $2000 that you currently get from the VA, therefore you will want to file for CRSC to potentially restore some or all of the VA offset.

Without CRSC you should expect to see approx. $2008.52 from DoD and $1888.48 from VA, all tax free.

Here is a DFAS calculator for you to use. https://www.dfas.mil/militarymembers/woundedwarrior/disabledretireest.html
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