March PEB Submision


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Case Timeline (from what I know!)

January 2009 1st LIMDU
June 2009 2nd LIMDU
October 2009 MED BOARD- Dept of Cardiology refers case to PEB.
March 2010- PEB and all evidentiary materials forwarded to Washington PEB.
March 29, 2010- PEB received in Washington.
April 30, 2010- PEB was pending notification. I was told I should hear a response any day.
May 12, 2010- PEB reached rating officer at the VA.
June 23, 2010- VA makes preliminary rating, just needs to be finalized.

Anyone know how long it will be from this point or what will happen next?


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well, i called the VA 1-800 number and they told me that my claim was completed and they sent the rating to the board. not sure what else needs to be done but apparently the VA finished on 24JUN and PEB recieved it same day. Do you know what happens next?


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Well after they send it to the will take forever then they will send the results to your Peblo. It will say whether they are separating you with severance or retirement unless they find you fit. My package has been at the board for four and a half months. The Peblo can't tell you anything except that it is still pending or that the results are in. So be prepared for a long wait. They told me the only cases that come back quick are the ones found fit for duty.
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