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Tue, May 10, 2011 10:41:56 AM
(CORRECTED COPY) ACT NOW: Full HASC Mark Up of 2012 NDAA on May 12

[FONT=arial,helvetica](CORRECTED COPY) ACT NOW: Full HASC Mark Up of 2012 NDAA on May 12 [/FONT][FONT=arial,helvetica]
HASC Committee mark up of the NDAA 2012 on Wednesday, May 12, 2011.
Take Action!​
The USDR joins with the NCOAUSA and urges you to send the following editable message to your Representative --

The House Armed Services Committee will have a full Committee mark up of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for FY2012 on Wednesday, May 12, 2011. I fully support the recommendations of the Military Personnel Subcommittee’s mark up which includes a 1.5% military pay raise that really should have been higher, at least 1.75%, while personnel are routinely being asked to serve multiple tours of combat duty.

Also, at issue is the Subcommittee's recommendation that DOD’s Military Retiree Health Care program have a 1 year moratorium on any increase in beneficiary health care costs. Healthcare has been a prime motivator to accept the rigors of 20 plus years of military service, hardships of family separations, and the personal sacrifice of life or limbs. Please exclude any proposed changes considered for TRICARE.

Lastly, excluded from the Subcommittee's mark up are 3 issues that I strongly feel should be included in the NDAA:

- Authorize early Retirement Credit to all Guard and Reserve personnel who have served on active duty tours of at least 90 days retroactive to September 11, 2001.

- Elimination of the Disabled Veterans Tax. Allow concurrent receipt of Military Retirement and VA Disability compensation.

- Elimination of the Widow’s Tax. Allow concurrent receipt of Military Survivor Benefit Plan(SBP)Annuity and VA Dependency and Indemnity Compensation(DIC).

It is my hope that you as my elected official hear my voice and those voices of our fellow constituents AND agree that it is time to recognize the Guard and Reserve excessive mobilizations as force extenders and providers in the War on Terrorism. While you might not be a member of the HASC you can certainly express your support of these issues to the HASC membership.

Also, the Disabled Veterans Tax and the Widow’s Tax should be offensive to every citizen and an embarrassment to all who have served in the military Guard and Reserve Components! Now is the time to urge correction of these gross inequities by their inclusion in the upcoming NDAA. As dialogue continues to cut Federal Appropriations by $400B in defense alone over the next decade and further, to increase the National Debt Ceiling.

As my elected official, when NDAA 2012 comes to the floor for vote please vote accordingly in support of these issues.

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