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MEB changed to a medical retirement


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I am looking for some advice and info for my husband, he was medically discharged from the army in 2016. He was injured and could not pass a PT test due to his injury, the army attempted to chapter him for failed PT, he was able to achieve a med board, how ever he was only given a 10% rating on the VA side and a 0% severance package on the DOD side, he was discharged for his right knee, and his 10% was awarded for his persistent depression disorder, in August of 2017 he was awarded a 60% combined rating, 30% for tension headaches 30% PDD, 10% for his back (he fractured it and it was never treated) and 10% for his right knee. In December of 2017 he had surgery on both knees, and they have not gotten better, he just submitted another claim with the VA and we are waiting for the decision. He did claim all the above during is PEB, we are trying to figure out if it is possible for him to still appeal and get the medical discharge changed to a medical retirement, we now have more evidence that his condition is still worsening, plus his raging went from 10% to 60% within less than a year, we are just not sure where to start or what he needs to do! Any advice is helpful

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You can appeal the decision but many here will tell you from experience it takes years.

If you're willing to fight it over the long haul, you certainly are within your rights to do so.


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You can file with BCMR. But as pointed out, it is a 2 year+ long process.