MEB for Ulcerative Colitis; Possible COAD


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Here's my situation: I'm active Army since Jan 2005. I was diagnosed with UC in late 2006. Flared off and on but fairly well controlled until I went to OCS in 2008/2009 and then flared terribly. Went on Immuran and got under control. During BOLC they referred me to MMRB and I was retained in my AOC (AG). I had a few good years (mild flares off and on), went off Immuran to have a baby, and then during Career Course (2013) after I got pregnant with my 2nd baby and additionally, I was given antibiotics for chronic sinus infections, which led to 2 bouts with C. Diff followed by severe flare of UC and 2 hospitalizations. Immuran worked for awhile, but I just never really got to good health, so in 2014 or 2015 (I can't remember for sure), I was put on Remicade and have not had a flare since. I've had symptoms at about the 6 week point (infusions are every 8 weeks, and for awhile I had to drop to 6 weeks because of the symptoms, but I'm back to 8 weeks), but I've been flare-free since I started Remicade.

Fast forward to last week (Feb 2017) and my BDE Surgeon went to input my profile into the new e-profile system and it flags it saying that I haven't been to MEB. He calls me to his office and explains that the system screwed up 8 years ago and should have referred me to MEB instead of MMRB (if that had happened, I'd be good). Now the new AR 635-40 says that if personnel are not deployable, then they are required to be found not fit for duty. Surg called my GI who said I am definitely not deployable because I am on Remicade.

I am assuming the board will say their hands are tied by the update to the reg and I will be found not fit, so I'm proceeding with that in mind. All that said, here are some questions:

1. Has anyone here been rated for UC when their medication was working? I'm nervous that they'll just separate me since I haven't had a true flare in a couple of years, even though I often get sick because my immune system is degraded (should I show them all my quarters slips from over the last several years?)

2. Has anyone done a COAD? On the example request memo, it says I have to have a document from my military personnel office saying that I am in an understrength MOS - my PEBLO was unsure of what that would be. He always refers enlisted personnel to retention, but he wasn't sure for officers. Would a printout of Army AG strength projections suffice? With the NDAA authorizing more Army personnel, does that increase the likelihood of a COAD getting approved. I only have 12 years and my injury is not combat related, so I'm hoping that the projected strength will make me eligible.

Thank you!


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I haven't gone through my process yet (GI and command are waiting) but I've heard more than once that pre 40-501 and 635-40 changed ins Dec16/Jan17 if you were controlled with oral meds fro UC or Crohn's Fit for duty with assignment restrictions was the frequent finding. Since the changes, most people are advising what you BDE Surg told you - that its an automatic finding of unfit. However, I've yet to run into anyone who has gone through since the changes.
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