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I am title 32 AGR for NG, E-7 (p). spent 8 years active army, 5 years AGR. 13 total active, 16 total for pay.

I just found out i have CML (chronic myeloid leukemia). My PA has told me they are reccomending that i go before a MEB. from what i can gather/understand this boad can determine if i stay or if i go. i talked to a friend of mine i met at the dr, he has the exact same thing i have. he was discharged from the Air Force with a MED Retirement but doesnt receive any pay from the AF its all from VA disability. he gets 100% from VA. he said it was all from the CML, he got rated at 140%.
my questions are:
1) If they put me out what are the options i could see, med retirement, seperation pay, ect...?
2) if its MED retirement is that the same as reg retirement where i get paid from the army or is it like my friends situation where i would get the benifits from the army and the pay check from the VA?
3) is there a way to draw a retirement from the army and then apply for my VA disability like if you retired with 20 yrs and then went to the VA?
4) is it true that they have to promote me since i am promotable if i get MED retired?

What do i do? where do i go? i feel lost and confused with this whole issue! had plans to retire at 20 yrs. and go back to work. just had my 2nd child born in OCT 2012. this seems to really put a huge strain on plans, income and familys well being. how can i provide for my family and take care of them on half of what i make now with out a job? sorry for the rants just overwhelmed! any help will be greatly appreciated!


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1) You will probably get medically might also want to add on other health claims. (retirement or seperation pay) Seperation pay is 2Xbase payX years active - about 30% tax (I am not sure how this works for NG)

2) no it is not the same.....reg retirement gives you a paycheck @ 20 year retirement also gives you a paycheck but it is not the same pay check. (i .e 2 different pay systems) if you hit your 20 year mark and MED board, you can receive both.

3) YES! You can retire then claim VA benefits with a certain amount of time after your retirement date....I would suggest you put your claims in while your still in. The process is supposed to be smoother and the wait time for benefits is shorter.

4) You medically retire at your current highest rank.... E-5p =

-You know you are still entitled to unemployment
-You can collect SSDI (you cannot draw from both SSDI and unemployment at the same time)
-You have your GI BILL...if you used it all up or plan on passing it to your child the Vocational Rehab Program for Employment (went to a briefing last week) can extend your GI BILL!!!!!!

I hope that helped a bit ??