MEB in the time of COVID-19


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Hey Team,

Just wanted to give a partial timeline as I started this journey just as the COVID-19 was starting to ramp up. I am going through the MEB at JBLM and every step of the way has been very slow. Hopefully the system will once again begin to flow at some point the spring/summer.


31 JAN 20 - P3 initiated by BH provider
19 FEB 20 - MEB initiated / PEBLO assigned
27 FEB 20 - first meeting with PEBLO
03 MAR 20 - MEB in-brief
05 MAR 20 - first meeting with MEB doc
24 MAR 20 - VA claims with MSC (was told there is no current estimate for when exams will be scheduled)

If you are at JBLM and close to my timeline, chime in with your experience. Good luck!
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