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Hello, I need some advice on my current situation. Back in a January of this year I was involved in a serious car accident. My C-5/C-6 disk are bulging and impinging on my C-6 nerve root. Which has caused me to have mild nerve root disease. The orthopedic surgeon says that I either need a disk replacement surgery or I need to have spinal fusion. Along with my neck I also have two bulging disks in my back T-6/T-7 & T-7/T-8. I have also experienced a constant daily headacheincluding migraines around 3-4 days a week. I am currentlybeing seen at the TBI clinic for the headaches. I have been on profile since January. I do not want to have the surgerybecause of the complexion of the surgery and I would like to know if you think I can bemedboarded if I choose to not have the surgery done and along with my other injuries? Anyinformation about my situationwould be greatly appreciated.