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I’ve had lower back issues from Deployment back in 2016. MRI showed 3 disc herniations, and I’ve been through all treatments with no positive effects up until today. Ortho Surgeon referred me to MEB today. My question is I have multiple conditions for which I have been seeing Physicians for years X3 TBIs with Migranes due to Airborne Operations. Will these other injuries be reviewed during the MEB process? I’ve been dealing with TBI injuries for a couple years now. The MEB was initiated for my spine but my medical profile is very detailed with a long history of injury.


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The MEB physician will review your referred positions. During that timeframe, the MEB physician will review your medical records, and if your other conditions are unfitting, they may be added to your MEB packet. "If" is the big word here. The general response is the MEB will only review your unfitting conditions. Still, if you have other unfitting conditions with the documentation to support those conditions, they can be added by the physician. There are several variables in the context of my statement.

Feel free to PM with specific questions.

POLYTRAUMU treatment records are a necessity and if these occurred in combat, even better for your case.
Migraine treatments and frequency must be documented.
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