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Ok, I'm in the MEB process, and havent field claims yet. I have several neurological symptoms and a few neurological diagnosis. My question is, since my diagnosis that I have, and what I was referred to the MEB for, are symptoms of Parkinsonism, can I claim parkinsonism, and if needed, might not need to, but can I connect that with my rotation in Korea(2017), because of the pollution, and the army issuing several air pollution warnings in my 9months stay?
I am not diagnosed with PD, but have the related conditions. Also, what of these would be PEB rateable?
Depression condition diagnosed
Prescribed zoloft for 1yr secondary obesity, have been late to formations, "back talked nco, and broke down in tears in front of my chaplain"
2 chronic Anxiety condition diagnosed
3 chronic Tremors condition diagnosed
4 chronic Memory Loss condition
5 chronic Weakness condition diagnosed
6 Sleep apnea condition diagnosed
7 chronic Social Anxiety Condition
8 Colonoscopy
9 Back pain condition
10 Axonal Polyneuropathy, Progressive condition
11 chronic Eating Disorder condition diagnosed
12 GERD condition
13 Social Withdrawl condition
14 Shin Splint condition
15 Chronic bronchitis condition
16 Vertigo condition
17 chronic Trust issue condition
18 chronic Shaky legs condition tremor, diagnosed
19 chronic Numbness to pain, temperature in extremities condition diagnosed
20 chronic Neurological condition
21 Self deprecating condition
22 Suicidal condition
23 Knee pain condition
24 chronic Back pain condition
25 Neck pain condition
26 Hip pain condition
27 Shoulder pain condition
28 chronic Unbalanced condition
29 Short Gait condition
30 Slow walking condition
31 chronic Hemherroid condition diagnosed
32 chronic Falling condition
33 Stiff ankle condition
34 Insomnia condition
35 panic condition
36 chronic Confusion/ disorientated condition
37 Tear (CS) gas exposed x 3
38 Extrapyramidal condition
39 Bradley Exhaust fumes exposure
40 S. Korea Air Pollution Exsposure

My Tremors Symptoms
Hands shaking extended
Shaking worsens in anxious situations
Fumbling and dropping objects (like my cellphone)
Knees buckle on occasion when standing
Feet catch the ground when walking, causing trips and rolled ankles
Stride is short and appears slow compared to the people
Legs shake when extended or supporting more than body weight
Fingers shake when typing

Short gait, walking extremely slow
Secondary stress fractor condition
Stumbling and tripping often
Gripping something tight causes finger paralysis (weapon)
Trying to walk faster to match walking speed of another individual causes rolled ankle
Secondary Ankle stiffness condition
Needle feeling in toes, fingers, and sometimes hands and arms
Dorsal Flextion difficult, painful after walking/ running
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