MEB timeline


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Any news on signing your 356 yet? I received mine yesterday. Will wait the 10 days to sign so I can push my retirement back an extra month.
Signed today 30DoD/60VA and permanent retirement so I'm very happy. Wasn't approved for my ptdy days but I can't complain. PEBLO said I should have orders in a week or sooner. Anyone else get their orders yet?


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I wanted to provide my info so others can get a since of what to expect.
I just got the myPers email that my 356 is ready!
6–8 Nov QA appointments; 30 conditions
30 Nov PEBLO reviewed data QA appointments
4 Dec Signed document, PEBLO sent to PEB
12 Dec PEB email they recieved
22 Dec EBENIFITS case went historical. But, like everyone else, still should a case “pending decision appoval.
23 Dec PEBLO informed me. VA 100%, cant see info on individual claims
4 Jan PEB sent email 356 is with PEBLO!
Going to sign and will update when I get orders
This site has been really beneficial, learned more here than anywhere else.
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