MEB Timeline


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First off, I wanted to thank everyone in the forms for sharing their timelines and the people giving feedback. It has calmed my anxiety to get answers to questions that others have posted or shared their frustrations with this crazy process. I can remember most dates on my timline but there are some blanks. This seems to be going quick so far. My question so far is do you recieve the copies of the VA exams in the mail or email? Thanks again.

About me really quick. I am AF stationed at USAFA. Been in 8 years.

Beginning Jun ‘17 - Both my PCM and Pain Mgt Provider decided to initiate an MEB for fibromyalgia, migraines, and MH issues. I been missing 3-4 days of work due to pain and migrainies.

??? - Code 37 initiated
15 Jun 18 - NARSM sent to MEB office
22 Jun 18 - Commander Impact Statement sent to MEB office
??? - AFPC received IRILO paperwork
03 Jul 18 - Notified from PEBLO that I’ll be going through full PEB
17 Jul 18 - Initial PEBLO brief at MDG
24 Jul 18 - Submitted VA claims and met with VA MSC (28 separate claims)
27 Jul 18 - Recieved appointment times for C & P exams scheduled
30 Jul 18 - 01 Aug 18 - C & P Exams
??? - Waiting to receive copies of VA exams


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I received hard copies of my VA exams from my PEBLO the day after my last C&P exam.
Thanks for the reply. I just talked to my PEBLO and they still haven't gotten anything back from the Medical Provider review and NARSUM. Hopefully it will be soon to move along this process.
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