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Here is the timeline of my MEB process:

17 September - MEB initiated
20 September - P3 profile was approved
30 September - IDES brief
1 Oct. - PEBLO Intake
9 Oct. - Mental C&P at IDES
21 Oct. - Meet with MSC and VA claim filled out
28-31 Oct. - All of my QTC Exams Completed
15 Nov. - Met with legal about my NARSUM and estimated ratings
18 Nov. - signed my NARSUM

How long did it take to hear if you were found fit/unfit for duty & when did you get tour official ratings back? I was told my estimated date out the Army could be in January but my PEBLO said I could be pushing it due to the fact no one knows how long this process will take?


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We are on the exact same timeline.

Fit memo takes about a week.

VA ratings will take another 3-6 weeks on top of that.

2 weeks after ratings you will get orders and then have 90 days to exit the Army. So if you have enough leave, then yes, January could happen.
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