MEB VS Officer Elimination Questions


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Someone please help me! I received Involuntary Seperation Orders 24 APR 17. I did not resign but chose to Show Cause (which was denied). I started my MEB/ IDES process 05 MAY 17. Finished PEB received 30% DOD/ 100% VA ratings and signed my DA199 27 SEP 17. Apparently it was kicked back around that time and my unit just resubmitted it 30 NOV 17. Just was told today form legal:
On 20 Sept 17, HRC returned your file back to the command for a clerical issue and the file was resubmitted. Therefore, it is likely that you file just cleared HRC and is now in the stack of cases for ARBA to look at. For recent experience, it is likely that a 12 week timeline may be a little quick, but everyone is guessing. I am sorry that I do not have a better answer at this time.

Can someone advise me on what to do if at this point I just want to get out as fast as possible. Since my unit didn’t think originally I had much time left I was left to go to appointments and clear the Army. Now I am being ordered to work with the same people who put me in this mess in the first place. I have extreme Anxiety working around these people and just want some advice since originally I thought I was going to be out right now and was planning to move, start school, lined up a job.

Thank you for any advice you can give me!!


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Hey guys,

I submitted a resignation and the CG recommended Honorable. When it went up with my 199 to him to review again the CG stuck with Honorable over MEB. To my understanding I can pullback my resignation at any point. Would it be in my best interest to pull my resignation now? My packet is currently at HRC. Would this give me a better change to get my MEB?
Hey man, I'm going through a very similar situation, although my misconduct is strictly administrative in nature and hopefully less punitive. I'm still at the 15-6 stage currently, but I'd like to stay ahead of things. I'm currently awaiting the second signature on my MEB adjudication referral/approval. I'm sure I'm going to be afforded the opportunity to submit a resignation in lieu of. Did you have to pull yours in order for HRC to grant the medical retirement?? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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