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I found this forum and from what I can see you are a very good resource for MEB and PEB questions/issues. I would like to get your opinion of my situation if I can.

I am 55 years old and currently an active duty USPHS CC Officer (O5) and am a few months shy of my 20 year anniversary (6 years USAF the rest USPHS). I transferred some VA education benefits to my daughter and have an active duty service commitment until June 2019.

Over the last couple of years I have developed some health issues, they are relatively stable but they are issues that need to be monitored and addressed quickly if needed. I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, stage 3 chronic kidney disease, and within the last month I have developed an arrhythmia that has responded to medication so far. The sleep apnea does not concern me so much as the other two issues and to add fuel to the fire, my current assignment is in a very remote part of Alaska. I am a 500 mile flight from the nearest facility that can really do anything to address my issues if things should go south on me. Needless to say, my wife and I have had some very serious discussions and have come to the mutual conclusion that I should not be in this assignment any longer and should be closer to an adequate medical facility.

I contacted the CC Liaison and explained the situation and asked her for her opinion/advice. Since the USPHS operates differently than the military, there is no option to transfer me to another facility and inform them I am now working for them. I have to find another job when available. However, she did suggest that I could try to go the MEB/PEB route and see if my medical condition would warrant a medical discharge. My issues are not preventing me from doing my job but they are concerning because of the potential for things to go south and the remote location of my assignment.

I'm not familiar with the process but I also have to wonder if it would just be a waste of time and energy.

I would appreciate any thoughts you have on this situation.

Steve Higgins
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