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FROM: Mechchief60,

I'm preparing to file for CRCS from the Navy. I am rated at 30% disability. I have had this disability since 2000 which was rated at 10% until I was re-evaluated two years ago and upgraded to 30%. How can I state my case for CRCS to get approved? What do I need to document in my request?

I just saw your post. It is in the New Profile posts. A better location would be the CRSC forum (see link at my signature block).

A collection of CRSC information and links to the CRSC pages of all the services is at THIS LINK <----

The Navy's CRSC webpage is found at THIS LINK <---- It appears to be under construction. The CRSC pages of the Army and USAF can provide a better guide at his point other than where to submit your application. Those CRSC pages are at the "Collection of CRSC..." link above.

Good luck,
Path for CRSC Forum: LINK <----

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