Med board and surgery


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My husband has just started the process for the med board. He did not meet the PEBLO yet but he received the Memorandum that explains several policies. He had a surgery scheduled for yesterday and it was approved by his medical provider for the varicocele. Today a person from PEBLO called to meet him today, but he was not able to go due to the surgery. This person said that he should have received approval from PEBLO for the surgery, and that since rhe request was not made he may be declared not in line with duty and hence we will have to start all over again and possibly pay the surgery out of his pocket. Is this true? I understand that he should have received approval from PEBLO but is it true we might even have to oay the surgery? His provider referred him to the surgeon and tricare accepted the surgery. Any experience? The nurse explained that she colleceted today all the notes from the surgeon explaining the severity of the case, and that his med board mught be put on hold, dismissed, or the general commander could even hold him responsible for the costs of the surgery!
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