Medically retired due to migraines. Problem fixed. Now I want to get back in. Is it possible?


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I posted this on AF Reddit, and someone suggested this a better resource.

I was a pilot on active duty, and unfortunately started to develop migraines. The Air Force eventually decided to put me through the MEB process and ended up medically retiring me in 2012.

Years later and working with a great Neurologist, we found the solution to get rid of the headaches, and I have been free of them for several years now. I was given a first class medical from the FAA and am back flying in the civilian world, but I feel completely lost and truly feel like my place is flying for the military.

Is it possible to get back in the cockpit for either active duty or guard/reserves? I'm able and willing to do anything to make it happen and will go to congress if I have to.

Please help.

Thank you


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You would need to seek out a recruiter and see if they can get you a waiver.


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Were you put on the TDRL or PDRL?

If TDRL you should be allowed to be re evaluated and get back in if the situation is resolved, but a recruiter would be a good place to start....


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I was a recruiter for my final two years. What is your RE code. How you proceed comes down to that. Spent many hours with USAREC and waivers.
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