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I have been in the MEB Process since Sept 2013. I had a favorable Formal PEB in Aug of 2014 and have been waiting for ratings, I am still waiting. I have been found unfit for PTSD/MDD/Bulging discs/and a foot issue due to botched surgery. In past two months I have been diagnosed with Lupus and am currently on Blood thinners due to a blod clot in my leg. I am literally at Madigan Army Medical center every day for an appt medical/BH or blood draw due to being on blood thinners. Why with all of this going on why would I be denied entrance into the WTB?! Based on the criteria I seem to have "Complex care".

I was told by the ombudsman that I don't fit for the WTB because I am already through the MEB process and just waiting on VARR ratings and of course I do have access to care. Hello, I've been waiting for 5 months since the FPEB with no ratings in site!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not see a time limit in the criteria for entrance in the reg. Am I missing something? What office agency can really help me. If I am ineffective in my unit what other option is there for a soldier like me?


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Hope you feel any better soon. Here is what I know:

To be part of WTU is command referral and supported by PCM & your providers letters. but the priority goes to injured Soldiers from downrange
**This is what I recommend you do**
-Give your Commander & 1SG a heads up (I want to exit the Service while in WTU)
-then go to the SFAC Building by Madigan & ask the front Desk that you want a copy of a sample packet to be accepted at WTU (It should be a packet with sample memo's, from Doctors & Commander)….
Note: If the SFAC front desk does not have a clue, go to their S1 or try to locate a Case Manager
**Once you get the packet, this is when it's on you to speed things up…you can pre-type the memos and give it to them for signatures or ask them to fill it out which might take forever. Remember most CDRs and 1SGs are clueless about this kind of stuff.
If you decide to have the Commander or your providers write the memo's, ensure you arm them with good bullets supporting your case. Remember you are your best advocate and I recommend you do the packet yourself.

Once the packet is complete and turned in, then wait for answer from WTU for acceptance.

Hopefully this help….

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