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I'm new to this website (I've been ghosting as a guest for a few weeks, registered today) so apologies in advance if I'm in the wrong sub-forum, and also for the length of this post. Bottom line, I'm working with my local MTF to advocate for an Air Force policy change regarding how members are notified they are meeting a DAWG.

Early October 17 - notified of overseas PCS
19 Oct 17 - PCM appointment to get my PCS medical memo signed. This PA (not my normal PCM) noticed my EpiPen prescription. I had suspected a shellfish allergy for quite some time (almost 20 years). In 2007 I had a minor reaction and went to the walk-in clinic where I was stationed. I don't carry an Epi, but tend to get a few sets every few years or on my two deployments since then. Referred to an allergist for an official diagnosis, since one was never officially done.
2 Nov 17 - first allergy appointment. I had to leave the appointment early due to a last minute conflict (more on that later).
early Nov 17 - Unbeknownst to me, scheduled for a DAWG, but they couldn't review my case due to the incomplete appointment from 2 Nov, so I went into the penalty box.
27 Nov 17 - second (and final) allergy appointment, where the allergist confirmed my allergy (skin prick test). The allergist verbally mentioned a possible DAWG.
Early Dec 17- Case not reviewed by DAWG (not sure why)
17 Dec 17 - follow-up PCS medical appointment with my new PCM
Early Jan 18- Case not reviewed by DAWG (not sure why)
19 Jan 18 - Form memo clearing me for PCS signed by my PCM. At this point I think I'm good to go for PCS, turns out I wasn't.
31 Jan 18 - Submitted for AF Form 422 in MyIMR
Early Feb 18 - Case still not reviewed by DAWG
7 Mar 18 - Case met DAWG, referred for IRILO
14 Mar 18 - Called Medical Standards about AF Form 422, notified of AAC 37 and IRILO. Learned what AAC 37 was.
14 Mar 18 - About an hour later, called by PEBLO to notify me of DAWG results. Found AFI 10-203 and started trying to get smart on DAWG/IRILO.
20 Mar 18 - Positive commander letter submitted to PEBLO
27 Mar 18 - NARSUM submitted to PEBLO, forwarded to AFPC
27 Mar 18 - AAC 37 created and posted in MyIMR.
13 Apr 18 - Received RTD with ALC C-1 and MTF told to remove AAC 37.
19 Apr 18- As of now, no 422

My read of the AFI is that my case should have met the DAWG not later than Jan 18 (NLT 45 days after trigger event, which in my case was the confirmation from the allergist on 27 Nov 17). No one has been able to explain why my case sat so long, other than my PCM on the phone saying essentially that once you're in the penalty box, you might sit there for months. I thought this answer was unacceptable, so I went to the patient advocate. As it turns out, the MTF has noticed that their process needs improvement, so I volunteered to be a patient representative to their quality council. I'm supposed to meet with MTF leadership on 23 Apr. As I mentioned above, I don't think patients have enough visibility in this process. Had I known I was getting skipped in the monthly DAWGs, I would have made a beeline to the MTF and advocated on my own behalf. My recommendation is to use ASIMS to communicate that a member is pending meeting a DAWG, along with the results. We already get ASIMS emails when we're overdue shots, PHA etc, so it seems like this would be an easy enough fix. As it stands, the six months it took me to get cleared has put my early June projected departure in serious jeopardy. AFPC is of course behind with cutting orders, so once I do get my 422, it will be sometime in May before I get my orders. Any feedback on my timeline and my recommended fix is appreciated.
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