Migraines are ten times worse now


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I'm actually on here as a partner of a Veteran. I've been in a serious relationship with him for over 4 years now and there are a couple of issues from his past with the army that I would like to help him find solutions to.
Recently, my boyfriend mentioned to me that he thinks that he might have some head trauma from being in the army. Every time that he bumps his head, it causes him to have a migraine that makes him feel like his head is throbbing. He states that these migraines are caused by bumps that he could barley feel. Does anyone have any information about testing for this type of injury. He was honorably discharged in December of 2017 and I would think that he'd be medically discharged. But I'm wondering if there is a clinic that he can go to for a check up or evaluation for this type of trauma.

On another note. My boyfriend was married during the full time that he was over seas. His wife at that time failed to pay on any of his bills. From the paper trail that we have, it seems that she was intentionally putting my boyfriend in deeper debt by purposely racking up a huge bill and than opening new phone contracts with different companies. We have paperwork that shows that this was done with Sprint, Verizon and UScellular. Does anyone have any contacts that we can get ahold of to get some legal advise about this situation?


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He can get with a VSO (they are free) from the county office or from a large vet organization like DAV or American Legion, to get a copy of his medical records and see what issues can be claimed for veterans disability benefits. He will need a current diagnosis and possibly a nexus if the medical records have no record of complaints. Is he enrolled in VA healthcare?

As with the ex that should have been brought up during the divorce if it's not fixed by the final hearing or signed agreement then he owns the debt. Even when I was deployed I stayed on top of bills and opened accounts.
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