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Migraines Caused by Sinusitis


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So, I got my claim back with my findings. I get migraines from chronic sinusitis with nasal polyps, with them being removed three times in the last 2 years. If I don’t have polyps present, no headaches. The VA examiner never looked at my sinuses or ran any tests. At the time of my exam I had sever polyps (with my third surgery scheduled). The ratings publication is pretty clear about sinusitis with polyps being 40%, but I got 0%, because the examiner stated that there was no diagnosis due to the condition being resolved. They gave me 30% for migraines. This seems backwards. Any suggestions on what to do? The VA folks at IDES are a joke, along with most any medical personnel for any issue since starting the med board process. I get the same answer for everything...wait until you are out and go see the VA...I’m still active, and I am already more disappointed in VA healthcare than I am in Navy Medicine.


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This is no laughing matter. Well, your in for it. I had so many polyps and my sinus infection was so severe that half my face was paralyzed. Eventually, my polyps would heal, it would be as if I was swallowing pieces of cardboard that moved like cardboard and felt like cardboard in the back of my sinuses to my throat. If your already disappointed in the VA system its only going to get worse for you. Many of their health care professionals are interns with little or no experience, I was misdiagnosed numerous times by them and could hardly breathe. I am not giving medical advise but I put crushed garlic in my nostrils from time to time, it helps. afterwards, I'll use a saline peroxide solution throughout my sinuses (rinse) - all self-learned. I also had terrible headaches. Bad enough I had migraines (severe) from a TBI/IED I was in.

Your 0% but you'll get medical treatment for it at the VA. I know your not enthused but what vets needs to do is voice their opinion if you start receiving poor care there, go complain. Ask for a second opinion and change of Dr. Yeah, it will take months but this is what has to happen. I have been through and through so much.