MRB declined for Reclass but stopped loss and seperated Honorable


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Hello. Hope someone can answer this question for me. I was put on a permanent profile for back issues. I was give the opportunity to go through a MRB or reclassify to another MOS. I decided to go with the reclass. I had to extend because of my ETS date. During the process I was stopped lossed and my unit deployed me with them. They placed me with the S1 for the deployment as I had a P3 profile and could perform as a 12B. During the deployment I inquired about my reclass and was told they could not find it and I would have to start it again when we returned to duty station. I was very fed up with the whole situation and decided to just get out. They lifted the stop loss for a short period of time and I took the opportunity and left back to duty station to get out. While back I enquired about a MRB but was shot down and told that I was put on ETS orders and could not change them. Being a young soldier and fed up with the whole process, I just ETS'ed and left. My question is there anything I can still do to try and get a ny discharge changed and get my medical discharge as I should have since they stopped the process and deployed me. Any info would be appreciated.


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You claimed that you wanted to reclass not be discharged and that you wanted to ETS as well. The service takes cases seriously when it was the service that clearly made mistakes and should have adjudicated it differently not when the service member wants to backtrack on poor choices. You must always push for the most favorable outcome while in the process. Don't take it to personally I have made other decisions in life that I had to go back and try to change and got a door slammed in my face, sometimes we all have to live with the choices we made.
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